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All software on this website is copyright to DailyShizzle.com under no circumstances should this software be re-uploaded to any website, you may only use our software for personal use. Anyway found using our software for none of that personal use will have the host of the website contacted and a removal of request will be submitted. If the software is not removed within 5 days we will request for the website to be closed down and file a DMCA removal request.

DailyShizzle is a website that creates demo software for the purpose of collecting data, this data will then be used to make working software if the demo software gets enough interest we will then look into creating real software. All most all software on this website is for demonstration purposes. The videos we make are to gain traffic to our website in order to collect information such as how many people download the software, what people are willing to do to get the software, and where about in the world the users are that are downloading our software.

DailyShizzle does have the knowledge to create working software however this takes time and money and in order for us to invest into software we need to understand what software people,e actually want.

We use the term “hack” as keywords on our website in order to gain traffic as this is the keyword that is searched in search engines, the term hack is used to describe a simple cheat or glitch in a website. Under no circumstances do we condone hacking games.

If by any chance our software harms your computer we will not be held responsible you use our software at your own risk, if by any chance this website DailyShizzle.com harms your computer again we will not be held responsible. DailyShizzle will not be held responsible for loss or damages this includes but not limited to loss of data.

We may share your information with other companies such as software developer and advertisers and if asked by any authorities we will share your information if forced to.

We are not solicitors we are simple internet marketers and we hope by reading these transparent terms you understand them clearly. If you have any question please feel free to contact us using the contact form.